Jose F. Otero

I have been fortunate to live in different places and learn from each one lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Whether walking through the snow to go to an office to work or sitting in a cafe facing the Rio de la Plata river, working on issues that have occupied me for more than two decades: the development of telecommunications in Latin America and Caribbean.

During this trip, I have been fortunate to visit places that for years only existed in photographs. But the true fortune in these years are the people who have come into my life in one way or another. Among them my wife, my daughter and that chosen family that friends make up.

Of course, the road has had many stops. Some were academic to continue learning about politics, philosophy, economics or literature. Other were work-related, to develop telecommunications strategies for governments or companies. There were also moments to breathe a little, look ahead and continue. Although memory always carries latent that Caribbean that is not known in brochures, that of magic, music and broken memory.

These are the reasons for this blog. To share my views on the tangible and ethereal issues that concern me. In these pages I will write, among other things, politics, technology, sports, education and human rights.

All content on this blog is personal.

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