I am afraid. It scares me to know that history could repeat itself to a lesser or greater extent. I am terrified to understand that the fuse is ready to ignite. It doesn’t matter whether the flame is sparked through jingoistic rhetoric or the discrimination exhibited by elected public servants supposed to represent the people; they might end up embarrassing. It doesn’t matter if the fire originates from something as trivial as a football match. In the end, the result is the same: dehumanizing collectives, demonizing individuals, and fostering a stubborn hatred towards both real and fictitious lands.

Especially when social media can exponentially increase the real impact of demagogy, many modern experts are not products of study; they are pawns directed by money that leads them to memorize a singular discourse that repeats endlessly. They take refuge in the rights of the masses, in common welfare, in drying others’ tears, and, like Iscariot, closing the deal with a tangible or ethereal kiss in the form of a smile.

So, I pause and question myself: what would happen if, instead of a digital divide or a ball, they focused on tangible actions to improve medical services, education, or security? Then I pause, reflect, and realize that everything is the fault of the other, the one who has everything and doesn’t say thank you. The one who speaks differently and ends up thinking like us. Who must be responsible for all the misfortunes of decent beings? To avoid their bad influence, old principles must be resurrected.

Principle of simplification and the single enemy. Adopt a single idea or symbol; Individualize the adversary into a single enemy.

There is nothing more intolerant than the success of someone who thinks differently. The victories are of the others; the ones who don’t want to believe me, follow me, or even contradict me are the most irritating and painful. They are acts of insubordination that cannot be tolerated and demand immediate correction. For this reason, the subversive must be identified and made an example of. Their influence must be minimized; they shouldn’t dare to claim to be more than acceptable. How to do it? Review all their communications and everything they write in the digital world, and then use analytics to identify a pattern that justifies our worst nightmares. Order must be imposed without them realizing that they are constantly being brainwashed by a world where persuasion and propaganda have evolved in a binary fashion.

Principle of the method of contagion. Gather various adversaries into a single category or individual; The adversaries must be constituted as an individualized sum.

There is a need to simplify the message to be understood by more followers. For this reason, the differences between that censored ideal and the symbol beloved by the ungrateful must disappear. Those who feel different will be reduced to a team, and an ideal will immediately label the team members. This saves explanations, and we can better focus our attacks. We must mix our days with what is detested to focus the hatred better. Segment the databases and, if necessary, include local images to humanize a universal message. Let’s bring to social media posters, brochures, and pictures that demonstrate the inferiority of others.

Principle of transposition. Load onto the adversary’s errors or defects, responding to the attack with an attack. “If you can’t deny the bad news, invent others to distract from them.”

When unfortunate individuals presume that the rules for them and us are the same, we must ensure we send a strong message that overshadows their claims. Our message will be better if it involves blaming them for some offense, so those who don’t understand what’s happening can infer that everything most likely stems from the envy and resentment that the aggrieved party has towards us. People are always interested in hearing about misfortunes; let’s invent several caused by those who think they have the same rights. Meanwhile, we must use self-promotion as a resource to make them aware that no one can do things as well as us, no one is a better negotiator than us, and we are the best in history at any task entrusted to us. As we saw in Sinai, the people don’t need laws or leaders; the people desperately seek idols.

Principle of exaggeration and distortion. Turn any anecdote, no matter how small, into a serious threat.

Accepting defeats is not allowed. If that moment comes, it is imperative to spread the news that casts doubt on the validity of the obtained victory. Plant the idea that there was theft and that we are the victims because we would have been the clear winners under normal circumstances. There is nothing better in these cases than inventing a conspiracy. Show distorted images that can be obtained from any camera or, in extreme cases, a satellite. If an institution with a high reputation criticizes the information, it attacks its members, their seriousness, and professionalism. Few people can survive a search for statements in the presence of the god Google.

Principle of vulgarization. “All propaganda must be popular, adapting its level to the least intelligent of the individuals it directs to. The larger the mass to be convinced, the smaller the mental effort to be made. The receptive capacity of the masses is limited, and their understanding is scant; besides, they have great ease in forgetting.”

The message must be so simple and contagious that even the individual with the least intellectual aptitude can understand that we are always the leader and that the rest of the teams envy us. The dumber, the better. It will be even better if it becomes popular with some sports star who lives off past glory. There is nothing like the romanticism of past myths or legends that repetitively emphasize their importance in universal cosmology every day. The diffusion will be the easiest part to achieve through social media. In ancient Rome, they spoke of bread and circuses. The principle hasn’t changed; it only evolved in modern times.

Principle of orchestration. “Propaganda must be limited to a small number of ideas and repeated tirelessly, presented repeatedly from different perspectives but always converging on the same concept. Without cracks or doubts.” This is also where the famous phrase comes from: “If a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth.”

Myths must be destroyed, and heroes are undone. There cannot be figures that inspire rebels throughout history. It is necessary to defenestrate them from the center and use contacts so that their achievements are gradually questioned. Then, we place the hero that suits us best and write a script that favors us. The ungrateful few will be ignored. The important thing is that the collapse of the myth is so exquisite that it not only destroys the enemy but sends a signal to all those who want to feel like us, worthy of carrying the word “lordship” in the anthem. We must avoid the new Guy Fawkes; history cannot turn its failures into symbols of rebellion for a new generation.

Principle of renewal. Constantly emitting new information and arguments at such a pace that when the adversary responds, the public is already interested in something else. The adversary’s responses should never be able to counteract the increasing accusations.

Doubt must always be sown. It’s better to do it by accusing different actors of guilt so radically different that a connecting thread between each violation of morality cannot be constructed. Just like in football by exaggerating invented infamy: demanding innocence from those who don’t pay taxes, creating orgies in cities where the accused wasn’t present, presenting drug addicts and mentally ill individuals, insinuating the purchase of referees, and always, but always, fostering the idea that they are traitors to the homeland. The ball? It only matters when it’s adorned in white.

Principle of verisimilitude. Build arguments from various sources through so-called trial balloons or incomplete information.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and I must exalt them locally. Sell their word as gospel and support them with diverse sources from other latitudes. Professionalism doesn’t matter; only that the message is right, even if it is adorned with euros. In the end, the believers will grow, or at least they will have a seed of doubt that makes them reluctant to empathize with the ungrateful who dare to contradict our message. Benefit? Appear on more screens that serve as a springboard to a new reality.

Principle of silence. Silence on issues for which there are no arguments and hiding news that favors the adversary, also counterprogramming with the help of sympathetic media.

If we are in the same room, I will shout multiple accusations during your intervention. I will find a way to condemn your use of social media so that it cannot be an accusatory instrument against my truth. I will harass and pressure you so much that you will have almost no air to breathe. Seeing what happens to you, others will set aside their intentions to emulate you. The important thing is that my message always prevails. In the virtual world, I will use money and influence to condemn you to digital oblivion, which is difficult to escape. Then, I will deny your new ostracism by swearing that the Internet is a completely democratic medium. In the end, most people will not doubt it because no one likes to receive bad news. What is not understood is just fake news.

Principle of transfusion. As a rule, propaganda always operates from a pre-existing substrate, whether a national mythology or a complex of traditional hatreds and prejudices; it’s about spreading arguments that can take root in primitive attitudes.

We must highlight the differences and what separates them and take it to the absurdity of generalities—imposing the belief that living in a specific locality implies having a certain code of beliefs that includes an irrational hatred towards your being. Then, we must try to blur that hatred by explaining it with a simple “they envy us” that’s why they hate us. It explains the existence of digital divides through the laziness and incompetence of those who suffer from it, by their lack of entrepreneurial spirit, their low level of education, their habit of expecting the state to give them everything, and, as Marc Anthony sings, it’s never enough. Many ungrateful people who received tablets without educational content complain about not having electricity. How do we connect everyone in the face of so much negativity?

Principle of unanimity. Persuade many people to think “like everyone else,” creating an impression of unanimity.

We must begin the myth that everyone thinks the same way we do. Those who disagree or know little about reality are part of the conspiracy of institutions that want to have what we consider successful. We all want greater connectivity, better education, less poverty (not to mention better wealth distribution), total coverage of mobile broadband, affordable smartphones, and even world peace. We must continue to focus on substance rather than form, avoiding the impact of proposals made to achieve that Wishlist.

While these eleven principles of Goebbels remain relevant, the world continues its course between lies and illusions. We have been made to believe in the justice of the ball, in karma, nirvana, and even the Eastern yin & yang. Nothing seems to work anymore, not the pleas to the crescent moon nor the prayers to the cross.

Zeus, help me; Osiris, please rise again; Minerva, give us wisdom! We faced Loki, Thanatos, and Huitzilopochtli. Among them, they have set a trap for us, emerging like an innocent spider web from a black widow. No, they do not appear with sharp steel weapons or potent poisons this time. Now, they use something worse and cataclysmic: they use words. They use them to merge the Tower of Babel, the labyrinth of Minos, and the map of El Dorado. Thus, the others, the undesirable, those of lesser merit, will be judged where it seems to hurt them the most, whether in front of the goal with a ball or in front of a screen where ones and zeros transform to convey the messages we wish to spread.

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